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Description: Redline_Racer creates sounds that change when upgrading cars based on either turbo boost or total bhp.


Redline_Racer/RedlineRacer96 has created a way to change the sound samples used ingame based on the level of tuning your engine receives. This allows for accurate sound representation for both stock and modified engines within the game.

The code is still in its most basic form, but both videos give an idea of how it can work. The plan is to release a game that contains these features and many more additional features in the near future.

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svander |

Anyone here have W10? Couldn't get slrr running on it

blaizenfyre |

Buggies, Raid Cars solve everything like eagles

blaizenfyre |

@Morpheus Hell would I be pushing it if i took a pic of a foxbody mustang

Morpheus Hell |

a mod that was released 5 years ago or longer and 3 pics per post and user. only the mod must be old like this. why are some guys play the fool?


@Morpheus Hell So what you are saying is that I must wait 12 months before I can post the pics without breaking rules?

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