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2016-05-26 12:38
Enkei RS05RR released by Gorgoil
Posted by gorgoil In News

Click in the pic to get them!

Tags: Enkei , Rs05Rr
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2016-05-26 11:19
SSR Professor SP1 By Gorgoil
Posted by gorgoil In News

Click in the image to get them!

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Description: The doomsday has come!

The new 2.3.1 beta patch is now available! You can download it HERE. To run the patch, purchase activation keys at http://getstreetlegal.com and type the key in the launcher of the game.

It's the biggest update ever done for Street Legal Racing: Redline game over past 10 years. Even despite current release is very unstable, you'll be happy to try it yourself or learn something new from the sources, that are included into release package.

Thanks everyone for the big patience on waiting for this release!

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Control Panel:

Burn Rubber |

I'm still trying to make one clip. :P

Racedriver43 |

Got 30 clips done today. I'll get the last 20 tomorrow.

Racedriver43 |

Will do.

Burn Rubber |

I am also reporting all bugs to your forum page. ;) I just added my current bugs to it.

Racedriver43 |

You're fine. I have some cool stuff anyways. Hopefully it works properly.

Burn Rubber |

If I wasn't an idiot with .avi files I would help. :(

Racedriver43 |

I plan to have 50 different clips. :D I have 20 so far.

CuPcaKe Drifting |

Check my Lindqvist Racing's Shedi have MAJOR stuff coming up

Fireful0 |

Sup Cupcake! It's been awhile!

Burn Rubber |

I tried to make a menu scene but I can't save anything as a .avi. :( also hey CuPcaKe! :D

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