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2015-03-29 22:09
Defiant Drag Tire Texture Pack
Posted by blast In News

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Again, thank you for everyone involved in the STE campaign. You guys are awesome. Please don't feel bad that we didn't make the goal. This was a risk we understood from the beginning by not having a tech demo. At least we can say, we did what we could and gave it our best shot considering the circumstances.

It was a great run, I would do it all over again.

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2015-03-27 13:48
New Engine Sounds i4,i6,v8
Posted by blast In News

Description: New improved sounds for all motors that i have on my slrr

Tags: Muscle , Tuned , Tuner , I4 , I6 , V8 , Mc , Tune , Sounds , Gear , Superduty , Subaru
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Singh |

guys, the game won't be on steam until there is at least some kind of demo ready for the public. invictus is very adamant on not making promises they can't keep. they don't want to put the game on steam until its ready. they don't need a greenlight anyways, they are already steam partners.

Pedro_Takumi |

can we try this?https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/about/?appid=765

Pedro_Takumi |

is Steam Greenlight na option ?

Pedro_Takumi |

I do really hope STE doesn't end here. it as so much potencial

Defiant |

The money may or may not be fronted by a publisher, it's up to Invictus to decide what path to take. The community will be informed if they decide to do it that way.

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