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News \ Release SLRR FlatOut Live Edition

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Release SLRR FlatOut Live Edition

New mod by GTR-X-ITE

Go to the topic mod
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Thank you to everyone who helped me to develop and support all the time :-) Tags: No tags

35. TheOne10118

2014-07-29 16:35

could someone make a torrent for the directory and not some bullsh*t exe? Because of the exe I cant download this game, it looks so awesome, but how am i supposed to tell if it actually is a good game? By downloading it. Please replace the exe with the directory itself.

34. dber

2012-12-08 18:15

Ok tried it out and it worked, just changed the superids to the kits to be in the misc folders for the engines and put the susp kits into the susp folder and tadaaa... can buy kits now *YAHOO*

33. dber

2012-12-08 17:01

Where are the Engine Kits?
or Running gear kits?
These are one of the best things about 230, and they are removed on this version, seems lika a step backward :-(

32. KeeJay13

2012-12-04 19:03

Only thing what you have to do, when you don't like this is delete it. Do that same with any mod you don't like. There will be less jojozcarmaster hating comments


31. hungarianfreak

2012-12-04 16:04

Very good game, but in the first mission the car is very oversteered.


30. jojozcarmaster

2012-10-28 17:08

nvm... >_>


29. jojozcarmaster

2012-10-28 16:48

this mod is a peice of fucking shit atleast make it possible to complete first mission you dick marauder


28. Sfaxtar1

2012-10-28 14:06

Hi guys.. I had an error on the middle event at the final line.... Can you help me ?? pm me please..


27. its.emon

2012-10-22 12:27

hack the cash same thing happened to me

26. carbon1993

2012-10-18 23:44

the money i got is 15.000 credits . all the cars in the lot are over 25.000 credits. mission impossible! sad to see this.


2012-10-15 18:14

Then in the final version of the mod this file (splash.dll) will be deleted.

I will do so .. if you won the event, the car will be repaired free of charge + prize ($). the results in the time attack events will be reviewed.

Now, a list of errors and suggestions for the final version of the mod. this was a test version.

thank you all for the comments.


24. Alo

2012-10-15 15:02

Turning off shadows fixed Valo City racing, thanks.
Though, from race class, the prizes should be even higher then they are. i know that they are already high, but seriously, the V6 engine wears out veery fast when european v6 dtm build with biturbo and supercharger, i switch pair of tyres each race-2 depends on track, plus some races have jumps that throw you sky high even if you dont go in with alot of speed, so if race prize is 9000 sometimes you pay 10000 to repair the car... seems insane to me. Plus i cannot seem to find a way to accomplish the race class's last time attack, fully built ctr with fresh tyres and using nitrous, no help.

23. LubY

2012-10-15 08:14

it keeps saying there's a virus(tried with other AV software) in splash.dll
removed it and used the .exe from the original 2.3.0LE.
seems like it is working...
anyways, mod looks great and good job GTR-X-ITE despite it wasn't want i thought it would be


2012-10-12 14:41

who crash game in ValoCity off shadows!
in the final version of the mod, these missions will be moved to a separate section or what not associated with career.

21. J C

2012-10-12 07:00

Driving sucks car wont stay in a straight line not even with a PS3 controller or any other one xD


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