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Author / Submitted by: TheMan

Flowerpower fuelrail v2!

It`s a fuelrail that gives your car massive hp!

This is a new version of the fuelrail. The old one did crash the game sometimes so here is a fresh one that should work better...

It`s compatible with 2.2.1 and 2.3.0 LE (maby other versions to)

It`s a addon fuelrail for alla i4,i6 and V8 engines.

If u get any problem with this send me an pm and we sort it out ;)

Here u got a pic of my mpgt i6 with 12750hp!
[img]http://www.bandwidth.se/view/8604[/img] Tags: No tags

Download: Flowerpower fuelrail v2!

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1. metalero88

2008-08-27 09:19

it have a HUGE POWER, but it burn my engines down :(

well, what can i say?? 10 hippies 100 hippies?? one billion hippies! now i go for the gold... Quad(crux)10, with 85.000 HP at 5.200 rpm, pure drag power.

sorry the spam

2. JAG

2008-09-28 21:07

LOL! Maybe it would help if you showed us what's in your error.log, instead of yelling, there Frodo.

3. Mevludin

2008-10-13 10:17


4. TheMan

2008-10-26 07:36

It works absolutly fine for i4,i6 and v8!


5. MambaX

2008-11-30 13:29

Nice fuelrail lots of power!


6. n00bie

2009-08-03 16:43

who can say where directly put the files of flowerpower v2 fuelrail couse i dont understand the readme.txt


7. extrata

2009-08-08 10:37

someone can tell me how exactly ot make this engine?every time i try to make one i get like 1100+ HP :(

8. redline_racer

2009-12-16 14:38

its only a fuel rail u add it on to the i4 i6 or v8 engines!!!
nice work


9. jangia

2010-01-08 15:28

this crashes 2.2.1 maybe mwm would work ????

10. mitch9521

2010-05-04 18:42

it makes my car soooo powerful!!!! but is uncontrollable


11. remco100

2010-05-14 08:01

Where do i need to put it? I don't understand the Readme:?

12. HaGGardSmurf

2010-07-08 19:27

Can you supercharge with the v8 carb? I dont see a compatible supercharger...?


13. stekigt

2010-07-18 07:54

Where do i put the folder? dont understand the readme:(


14. Daniel

2010-07-23 11:32

How can i try this when it doesnt ATTACH TO THE DAMN ENGNIE?! xD


15. adrian123

2010-07-29 19:38

what dose "place on to of current" in ur slrr? i dont understand. please reply


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