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Author / Submitted by: BenyUK

Mod Pack by BenyUK

This Mod Pack has been created for 2.2.1 MWM!!!
"(SOME) of these things can work with 2.3.0LE"

This pack contains:

- New more realistic smoke effect

- after buying decals set, you have available 10 decals on each set

- changed frontend textures for a better ones

- new OSD texture

- new map markers textures

- new crash bumps textures

- new cars reflections

- new main icon style and icons in the game

- improved handling on all cars(ADDONS TOO),now weak cars can burnout and you can't drift going 200mph,

- new skydome textures

- better GPS, and Navigation map textures on the test track

- little changed springs physics

- new flare texture, now car headlights in the night time look better

- new tree model(this is doesnt look like model:) more like texture), but its looks wayyy better!)

- problem with crashing when going to the city now is fixed

- and other little changes

""" Everything was checked 2 times on the stock MWM, and it works perfect"""


ONLY FOR GOM-TEAM (www.street-legal-mods.com)

Made a pic for those who complained. I made it a bit high-res, I hope your internet connections scream of agony...// drifter
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Download: Mod Pack by BenyUK

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1. fox68

2009-06-23 10:39

87 mb and no pic?

2. Davidov

2009-06-23 10:52

What should he show ? The handling of the car ? A tree ? A texture ?


3. BenyUK

2009-06-23 11:11

if i wanna show all the things on the picture, the resolution of the pic must be 4096 x 4096 or bigger...

4. diegorborges

2009-06-23 13:10

just show some smaller pics of the menus, fonts, textures, trees, smoke, etc...

5. GT6tube

2009-06-23 13:21

ok I see download and view :)

6. Davidov

2009-06-23 13:47

Wait, I'll go and make some screens...

7. GT6tube

2009-06-23 13:51

very nice mod big new textures :D
AWESOME nice new who by! rofl!

8. diegorborges

2009-06-23 14:20

Nice idea David... thanks for doing that.


9. BenyUK

2009-06-23 14:55

I tried to make more things with the java files but MWM javas are different than javas from stock version, the game just crash when some of more important MWM classes are overwritten by stock SLRR javas:o

10. xion_drifter

2009-06-23 16:36

DAMN! awesome mod, really like the new textures :yes 11/10 :)

11. fox68

2009-06-24 07:29

Anyway great job man:) You my hero xD

12. JAG

2009-06-24 21:55

I haven't installed it yet, I just downloaded it and checked out all the textures. I gotta say, this is awesome work! Not a huge fan of the green icons, but the quality is great! Excellent job!


13. BenyUK

2009-06-25 06:09

its awesome, everyone liked them:D, this is 2 weeks work and these icons has been created for 1280x800 resolution!!!:8)

14. siimu111

2009-06-30 07:05

realy COOL mod :8)

15. Raven123

2009-07-23 00:21

needs to install easier


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