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Author / Submitted by: Davidov

No driver

Removes the driver that's been bugging you since SLRR's early days

Here's something (almost) new again
Many people knew this but I'm not sure if anyone actually did it
This "mod" "removes" the driver that's been bugging you since SLRR's early days...(also "removes" opponent driver models and police driver models)
Essentially this is just a very very very very very very small ( invisible ) primitive 3D model...

I know you're too lazy to fire up 3DS Max and make an almost microscopic primitive (a.k.a. cylinder) and export it so your game...so I did it to save you over 30 seconds of valuable lifetime !

Just put the "humans" folder into your main SLRR directory...

Check Pictures for more details (or try not to be lazy and install the mod)

by drifter92
You can upload this anywhere as long as I get credit for it

If you want to contact me :
Send a PM to drifter92 @ www.gom-team.com or ger-tech.net

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Download: No driver

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14. Myndexter

2015-03-04 20:32

I'm downloading no driver lol


13. tolga1308061

2012-10-11 15:11


12. RobertZX

2012-02-27 17:30

This will be great for the mods where the driver isn't quite positioned right. Saying that I cant even get my head around how to do any type of modding, maybe i'll try it someday.


11. FJ

2012-02-23 17:53

y should i have ???i mean don't have a invisible driver?


10. jonjon

2011-02-02 15:22

is cool and now is more faster in me notebook

9. benjaboi

2010-08-28 07:32

NICEE!!!!!!!!!, i got a pretty shitty computah,(getting a sony viao laptop soon wWOOOOOOOOP) and this made it run a fair bit better

10 points on the oche

8. benjaboi

2010-05-29 07:37

well there is an easier way, delete the meshes so he wont come up, worked for me, still A+ job


7. Jase Trenner

2010-04-30 17:30

I just hate when his arms are all tangled and messing up the view!!! but if its a performance boost i'm in.!!!

6. redline_racer

2009-12-17 13:39

AWESOME!!!!!! IF this really does improve performance than im in!!!

5. zittagott

2009-12-11 14:06


4. bushido89

2009-09-27 12:05

thx man this is nice 10pts

3. Davidov

2008-08-27 04:25

Of course it works for any version...it's just some meshes, no .rpk's to mess it up

And yes, I at least have noticed an improvement (especially @ night)

2. jizsnake

2008-08-26 23:30

will this actually make the game run better and does it work for any version?

1. RobbiE

2008-08-26 10:25

Sure, it can be unreal to not have a driver but damn, his in the way great mod

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