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Author / Submitted by: Skylines

Skoda 120L


Skoda 120L for SLRR 2.2.1 and MWM

Copy to cars/racers

Tested on all my games. I have 4 different copies of different versions.

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Download: Skoda 120L

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22. Adriano92

2013-03-07 18:56

legjobb mod a játékhoz ez az autó!!!! :D Isten királyság. Ilyet akarok venni csak karika lámpásba. :D Régen olyan volt nekünk.


21. MP-40

2011-10-10 16:41

Diky bracho nice model ;) (To som ja MP-40) ;)

20. Prius

2011-04-28 09:29

pffff masakr auto skylines ty jsi z čr?

19. JohnY

2011-04-03 11:03

:DD the classic czech car is now in SLRR? nice one, sir.


18. skoda130lr12

2011-01-02 15:53

ahoj ! suprová kára ale nešlo by ten predek nejak udelat? vubec to není špatné ale ten predek :(

17. teremto

2010-12-14 15:07

My favourite car ever!


16. eXistenZko

2010-12-09 18:05

Great cat. But i dont know if i have my game broken or there is something with the cars scripts... It is still pulled to the left and in bigger speeds it is inevitabely teared on the side...I tried to rebuild it like 20 times with different Running Gears, etc...
Im using 707HP i4 engine with power distributed F/R 35:75.
The pulling is minimised by tearing down all bodywork pieces. Even in higher speeds im not teared on the side and my Å kodovka is not scattered all over the place :D
Maybe there is a problem with the Phys parts...
Im using 2.3.0LE!


15. jorrarro

2010-11-30 12:25



14. Timok

2010-11-29 14:39

díkes brácho

13. benjaboi

2010-11-29 12:58

yes the shitbox of SLRR xD, me likey, now whats the slowest engine i can put in this thing xD


12. Loki86

2010-11-28 15:50

fasza nagyon, köszi
diky moc
thank you :)

11. PXRZ

2010-11-28 11:38

Odd and good made car lol. :]


10. DziMic

2010-11-28 07:26



2010-11-27 18:39


8. ManuBBK

2010-11-27 18:17



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