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News \ Some news from Invictus games

Author / Submitted by: Invictus

Some news from Invictus games

Street Legal's future

Invictus Games
May 24

Street Legal Racing is 10 years old.

Year to year there's someone mailing us asking for it's source, but law ties our hands to do so.
And while the game engine is ours, it's not separated and separating it is a giant task.

A year ago with community help we asked Activision to open up the source, but they said they don't intend to change anything about this IP.
This year we asked them how much SLR's IP would cost but we didn't even got an answer back.

Still, we see the incredible communities that formed and live around the game. We feel the concept has a great potential.
We also aware that PC gaming is shrinking, Valve is moving to Linux, mobile gaming is huge and getting even more traction.

So what can be done?

1. Separate the engine and let the community do the rest.
$20,000 and 3 months

2. Since Heat is based on the same engine as SLR, somehow mix the two.
$150,000 and 1 year
Issue: unsure if there's a design that both communities would welcome.
Issue 2: Heat's code is chaotic and unsustainable, refactoring necessary

3. Recreate SLR using community assets and a decent 3rd party game engine.
$100,000 + Engine cost

We have funds for none of these options so Kickstarter comes into mind. I wonder if SLR's current communities could agree on which options is doable.

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3. schultzie09

2013-05-31 10:25

torque 3D has some great use and its low cost

check out the preview!


2. mechgt5

2013-05-28 21:44

Mod-ability, real world cars and multiplayer altogether is very expensive (licensing from manufacturers, server upkeep, ect) all of this would keep it from being what it should. As for me, I think the the first option is the most feasible, but if the code was obtained, what would happen then? All in all, it is extremely expensive to do anything.


1. MegaRingstarLegasy

2013-05-28 14:46

If i was in charge of thinking what the game would have and do, i would make it multi player (i would call it SLR:World or something). And it would have real cars, about 120+ cars, a ton of mod-ability, and other stuff... :awesome

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