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Author / Submitted by: Sparky

Sparky's Editing tools: SLRR editor

just da thang that ya need!

SLRReditor version 2.1

SLRReditor is able to edit many aspects of a cars configuration, wheel height, position, engine type and position, etc. It is able to automatically detect any engines you have in your SLRR directory, even new engines that were created after SLRReditor was. The slot editor lets you edit the position and rotation of lots and lots of different parts of the car, like the battery and whatever else your heart desires. Feel free to read the Readme that's included, since it might be important.


Some Picures


How to make it work.

Extract all Files to MAIN SLRR FOLDER.

Double click "SLRReditor2.exe" then the First picture will show up. click "Choose SLRR Directory" Find the SLRR EXE on the Main Folder. then Click OK.

How to Edit Your Car.

To add more engines: Click the car you want. then click "Edit Engine Blocks" Check the ones you want then click "save" wait for it to finish and your done.

To edit Wheels: Click the car you want. then click "Edit Wheels" Choose the Wheel that needs editing from the drop down Menu, then edit the numbers under it. click "save" wait for it to finish and your done.

To edit Slots: Click the car you want. then click "Edit Slots" Choose the Part that needs editing from the drop down Menu. click "save" wait for it to finish and your done.

To edit Weight: Click the car you want. then click "Edit Weight" Choose the Phyic that needs editing from the drop down Menu. click "save" wait for it to finish and your done.

Alternate link: https://mega.co.nz/#!1UtT3AYY!Pry6eFq6GA0K3-wlPTpD9IHK5-w0tSAMLQzmh38ACDY[/hr][/hr][/hr] Tags: No tags

Download: Sparky's Editing tools: SLRR editor

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128. TheAwesome

2017-05-13 10:43

Editor For V.2.3.1 Please? This One Doesn't Work Anymore


127. World Wide United

2017-02-04 18:16

anyone have a working version for 2.21


126. YourSoulReaper

2016-11-29 16:42

I downloaded it and it didnt work.. i looked all over the web to try to fix this and then i saw the part where it says "Extract on main slrr folder".. i did it and it works now XD


125. Logank

2016-11-14 10:18

Can someone reupload it? The link isn't working.


124. Aarongaming343

2016-09-11 23:28

can I changed the class of the car??


123. hi

2016-09-11 09:28

when I try to open slrr with the editor I get the message catastrophic error


122. Jonttu92

2016-08-09 06:15

Work in 2.3.1 steam version :)

121. Racedriver43

2016-05-14 17:10

Every time I click OK after finding the EXE, it just crashes.

120. Acidcore

2016-03-28 10:23

im using windows 8.1 which doesnt allow for any previous or old versions of net frame work, essentially making all engine mods for slrr impossible to you. can we get a update? like say a framework 3.5-4.0?


119. Fraze

2016-03-10 05:12

how do i download netframe 2.0 is there a link here on GOM TEAM or Mediafire by any chance?

118. dimasgantengingat432

2016-02-27 04:17

unble windows 1.0 ????

117. Fireful0

2015-12-22 21:47

@obabycare, make sure to run it as Administrator.


116. obabycare

2015-12-22 21:26

im getting tons of errors around the idea of tmproflol.rpk either dening access or just not existing


115. suprajd04

2015-10-24 10:48

resconvert.exe wont stay what do i do

114. omega123

2015-08-14 04:47

on my 3000GT it says on resconvert 'Failed to load tmproflonerd3.rpk' and i can't go any further


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