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Author / Submitted by: Street[xx]

Toyo Tyre Pack

A pack of tyres from 16" > 21"

A very nice 3D Tyre pack made by Street[xx]

The pack will MAYBE lag if you don't have very good PC.
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Download: Toyo Tyre Pack

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1. dG.Cyanide

2011-06-02 11:57


2. tm_kata

2011-06-02 12:17

Can someone upload this to another site? On Media Fire stops at 24% every time...

3. Morpheus Hell

2011-06-02 12:50

looking good.. but if i use thos etires..they are in the wrong direction on the rims ^^

4. _Dave

2011-06-02 13:12


5. dG.Cyanide

2011-06-02 14:31

Curious did Street[xx] give you permission?


6. Serega3025

2011-06-02 14:37

Yes he did.

7. redline_racer

2011-06-02 19:26

i love those tyres, thanx :D

8. rising sins

2011-06-02 19:59

ahhh here they are.... HMMM was ot showing up earlier fir some reason... Tires LOOK GREAT... this is a must D/L!

9. benjaboi

2011-06-03 16:16

there not proxes CF1's there not proxes TR1.....what are they? :P


10. Serega3025

2011-06-03 23:55

The Tyres are Toyo Proxes R888

11. benjaboi

2011-06-04 04:03

ahh right now i see, very nice :P could there be something to fix the tyres to be the right rotation soon? :)

12. benjaboi

2011-06-04 04:05

if you made the tr1's or the cf1's, you sir would be entitled to one free oral pleasure session from myself XDDD

13. Pedro_Takumi

2011-07-03 18:42

does anyone has a fix for the rotation problem?
i managed to fix the tires name problem, you just need to correct the Javas by adding a new line
For example:
SetupTyre(215.0, 25.0, 16.0, 9.0, tcSPORT, 2.0);

----> name = "Toyo Proxes R888 215/25 R16";


hope it helps

14. Pro7

2011-07-19 10:04

how can i fix the rotation? it is in wrong direction on rims.. :/


15. dog

2012-01-14 08:55

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